Site overview

Qujialing archaeological site park is located in Qujialing Management area, Jingmen City, Hubei Province, with a planned area of 402 hectares and a total investment of about 500million yuan. The park is divided into four functional areas: site exhibition area, landscape exhibition area, archaeological reserve area and service management area. Its structure is "two belts with one center, three areas with one axis, and multiple points with one ring". The theme is positioned as "rice edge · farming soul", that is, the edge of rice composition and the soul of farming culture. The park takes the historical and cultural connotation of the site as the core, comprehensively preserves and continues the historical information and important value of the site, focuses on "China's prehistoric agriculture", takes archaeological research as the support, and takes "the origin of agriculture", "the archaeological process of agriculture" and "the historical path of agriculture" as the clues to scientifically and orderly display the settlement sites, river systems, rice landscapes, residential villages, exhibition halls, etc, Fully embody the theme of "rice margin. Farming soul". Show the historical changes of "ancient farming, former agricultural reclamation, and today's agricultural Valley", shape the brand image of "birthplace of Chinese agricultural culture", and create the historical and cultural root of "Chinese agricultural Valley".

Institutional setup